Your brand has a story to tell. As an integrated producer, my role is to bring that story to life through unique experiences that make a lasting impression. Below you will find a portfolio with some of my work and clients.



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What are types of Experiential Marketing?

As experiential marketing grows at a fast pace, the types of experiential marketing campaigns continue to grow and evolve rapidly. Some of the common types of experiential campaigns include:
- Events
- Virtual experiences
- Brand activations
- Stunt marketing
- Shopper

Is experiential marketing right for your brand?

Absolutely! There has been a massive shift in the way consumers engage with brands. It's today's world, it has become increasingly important to cut through the noise and established meaningful connections with consumers through experiences.

What is my role an experience producer?

As an experiential producer, I am tasked with the challenge of bringing creative ideas to life. My work can range from interactive experiences involving tech to building large spaces and booths.