From Karachi to Los Angeles to New York, and Toronto: pursuit is in my DNA. Growing up in Pakistan with a family of self-made entrepreneurs inspired me to go after my passions. In my case, that was a love for storytelling in a digital era. This led me to film school in L.A. After studying film and communication at USC, I set my sights on the The Big Apple. Growing up, New York's iconic culture and energy fascinated me. I knew it was a city I would thrive in and I landed my dream job as an NBC Page and got to work with some incredibly talented, smart and free-spirited people. It's a chapter of my life that I will always treasure for reasons that are hard to boil down in one sentence.

The next chapter of my story lead to The North, and that's where I am today. While living in Toronto, I've pursued film, television production, live event production, reality television, a failed startup, experiential marketing, creative technology, and even trained to climb mountains from here. The thread that ties this story together is the pursuit of my passions. Be it as the Director of Production at Momentum or while getting ready for the world's highest peaks, I will never stop exploring.