I love going places

From Karachi - Los Angeles - New York to Toronto travel and adventure is in my DNA. Growing in Pakistan in a family of self-made entrepreneurs, my parents always allowed me to pursue my passions. In my case, this was the love for filmmaking. My love for films led me to L.A. where I studied communication and film and USC. But L.A wasn't my cup of tea at I pivoted my career to TV and set out The Big Apple. New York has always felt like home and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was fortunate to land my dream job as an NBC Page and be surrounded by some of the most talented, smarted and free spirited people that I've ever met.

In my story all roads lead to The North and this where I am today. Looking back I've had several pivots in life - films, tv production, a failed startup and now experiential advertising. The only thing that ties this story together is Creative Living... a concept that was always part of my life without me even realizing it until I read Big Magic. Be it at my job as a producer at Momentum or my hobby of climbing mountains, I am determined to find the nugget of creativity in my life and share it with the world.