YAWNFLUENZA [YAN-FLEW-EN-ZA] (noun): a contagious infection of yawning when one person’s yawn starts a chain reaction of yawning and tiredness among others. We’re going to make it our mission to stop Yawnfluenza and the spread of tiredness across Canada. And we’ll do it the only way we know how – with SToK and its highly caffeinated cold brew formula. 


100+ awesome bands in three days can make you a wee bit tired. Which is why SToK launched the SToK Cold Brew Cure Station at Montreal’s Osheaga festival. “Doctors” administered the perfect amount of majestic cold brew coffee to cure festival goers of their Yawnfluenza and get them back on their feet. Thousands of music lovers visited the space over three days to try the product and snap pics with the SToK IV.